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    About CancerResource

    Welcome to the open access database CancerResource. It is a comprehensive knowledgebase for drug-target relationships related to cancer as well as for supporting information or experimental data. Furthermore, large-scale cancer genomics data is integrated into the CancerResource database including mRNA expression and non-synonymous mutations data. Therefore, CancerResource allows an explorative data analysis based on cancer related drug-target interactions, expression and mutation data as well as drug sensitivity data.
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    Please cite us:
    Gohlke et al.
    CancerResource - updated database of cancer-relevant proteins, mutations and interacting drugs.
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 (doi; pubmed)

    Database statistics

    This table illustrates the content of the CancerResource database. CancerResource incorporates compound, protein target, compound-target interaction, mRNA expression and mutation data from large-scale cancer genomics experiments.

    Cancer-relevant protein targets3,387
    Compound-target interactions90,744
    Cell lines2,037
    Genes (mutations)19,834
    Genes (expression)23,016

    How to...

    Search by compounds?

    CancerResource can easily be searched by compounds. For this purpose, two search categories are available. On the one hand, the database can be browsed by a compound's properties or by its name, SMILES string or structure. The result site gives an overview over similar compounds stored in the database as well as compound-target interactions, high and low responding cell lines when treated with the compound and cancer related pathways.

    Search by targets?

    Searching by targets is enabled at the Targets search site. Targets can be searched by different gene identifier. Various information about the target is displayed including expression profiles and drugs interacting with the target.

    Search by Cell line/Expression?

    To search CancerResource for mRNA expression profiles of genes of interest, please use the Cell line/Expression button. Here you have the possibility to compare the mRNA expression profiles of several selected genes between different cell lines.

    Search by Mutation?

    The search by mutation section enables the search for mutations that occur in a cancer-relevant gene or in a cancer cell line of interest. Additionally, a tissue specific search is included.

    Search by Pathways?

    CancerResource enables the possibility to browse by Pathways. A KEGG pathway map will be illustrated highlighting genes which are targeted by compounds. Futhermore, cross-reactivity ant targeting alternatives are listed.