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    • Gene identifier to get information about mutations that occur for this gene in specific cell lines.
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    To get muation information for a certain gene, a cell line or about all cell lines assigned to a tissue, please enter one corresponding identifier into the following form.

    Gene name e. g. BCL
    Cell line name e. g. HOP-62
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    Query database with a list of mutated genes

    Preparation of data: Variations has to be extracted from VCF-files. Please keep only variations you consider as relevant.
    Paste your data: Please create a list of mutated gene that has in every row only one HGNC-gene symbol stored.
    Results: As result a table is displayed in which the 20 most similar cell lines regarding your uploaded mutated genes are presented and ordered by their similarity score.

    Paste your list of mutated genes here:

    Input data: e.g.